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Lian Li TYR PCX1000 (PC-X1000-B, PC-X1000B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK, Supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.

Manufacture:Lian Li
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Sale Price: $369.99
Shipping:usually same day shipping
Warranty:1 Year

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Lian Li TYR PCX1000 (PC-X1000-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK, Supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.

2009 Lian Li launched the �new TYR series, PC-X1000, with all aluminum alloy chassis, round edge design with stylish look. PC-X1000 has hair-line brush anodized aluminum finishing.

The cutting edge tool-less design is an important key feature in 2009 Lian Li cases. Lian Li designer considered end user requirements, like those who need to build systems faster, or swap out components often. The brand new tool-less modules can make Lian Li users’ life much more convenient.

The new TYR series, PC-X1000 is the case which functionality and style converge.Open the side panel with the tool-less latch, the removable motherboard tray, HDD racks, 3 x140mm silent intake fans with filter, top mounted multi-media I/O ports, and the graphics card holder have been redesigned – because when it comes to your comfort, every detail counts.


Lian Li TYR PCX1000 (PC-X1000-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK, Supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.


  • TYR PC-X1000 has multi-heat zones design to have better thermal solution and tidy up internal space.

  • The new TYR PC-X1000 is a Full-tower case, which is ideal for the latest graphics cards in combination with the best thermal dynamics. All the internal installation can be done without tools, and is easily adjustable to optimize your hardware setup. Especially in the advent of adding in new graphics cards, equipped with 8 PCI slots, can hold three or more graphics cards, supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.

  • The new internal layout has the motherboard on middle level, which allows for easier access to the motherboard as well as more room above, thus larger CPU coolers can be used. To install the power supply unit, just slide the power supply unit throguh the opening at the rear of the case, and there are room for 180mm long power supply. If user need more space, there is a power supply extension kit.

    There are two aluminum handles for 2.5 HDDs on the middile level, allow user to install or remove 2.5HDD easier.�and then also absorb and reduce vibrations.

Silent Performace:

  • The new TYR PC-X1000 is equipped with large cooling fans, with low RPM, which still provide enough air flow to cool down the hardware adequately. The front 140mm intakes fan runs at 1200RPM, and the rear 140mm fan extracts the hot air out at 1200RPM.

  • The fans are mounted with Lian Li’s anti-vibration fan mounting system; the rubber ring grommet absorbs the vibration, keeping the case silent.

  • The new 5.25” bay tool-less mounting incorporates a mounting bar equipped with rubber padding. After closing the mounting bar, the rubber pad pushes and holds the 5.25” device in position to both secure and absorb vibration from the device.

  • The aluminum PCI tool-less mounting module is equipped with a rubber pad which can hold the graphics card firmly while closing the gap found in the PCI bracket and PCI slot to reduce noise from escaping air and furthermore reduce vibrations.

    TYR PC-X1000 features Lian Li patented Anti-virbation HDD cage, which allow user to fit seven of 3.5 HDD. It is easy to use, no tool required, simply using the special thrumb screw to secure the anti-vibration rubber ring to the HDD, and slide the HDD into the cage.

    Huge internal space for power supply units, there are anti-vibration rubber strips to reduce the noise.

Creative Thermal Solutions:

  • TYR PC-X1000 features multi-heat zone design, upper zone holds two opticals, one floppy and three HDDs. Middle�zone holds the motherboard and lower zone has a power supply unit and three HDDs. to separate the heat sources for better thermal solution.

  • The two 140mm fans on the top cover and the 120mm fan at the rear exhaust the hot air out from the system. The fans cover the whole motherboard, and they can remove the heat fast.

  • There is a 140mm exhaust fan at the rear to draw the hot air out, and improve the air flow inside the chassis.

  • There are vents on the PCI slots, provids extra cooling to graphics card.

  • The power supply unit is at the bottom of the case. It can draw in cold air directly through the vent below the power supply unit. This cooler, fresh air will keep your PSU components more cool and stable and thus extend the PSU lifecycle.

  • TYR PC-X1000 supports liquid cooling system, the two holes at the rear of the case allows water tubes to pass through, and the rubber cover can protect the tubes away from cutting.
  • TYR PC-X1000 has fitted a three speed fan controller, user can adjust the fan speed to get the best balance between�silent and cooling.

  • User can easily add the copper radiator (option kits) with the front fans, build the better cooling system for your TYR PC-X1000.

User Frinedly:

  • 2009 has seen an all-new tool-less design from Lian Li aluminum chassis. To do this required a great many innovative patents to be filed worldwide. The ideas will make installing and maintenance much easier. For example when installing the 5.25” optical drive, just slide the drive into the 5.25” bay, and close the mounting bar to secure the optical drive, as simple as that.

  • There are two modular HDD cage, simple un-do the thumb screw, and silde the HDD out, mount the HDD with anti-vibration kit.

  • To install PCI add-on cards require no tools at all. Simply open the aluminum arm of the tool-less PCI add-on card holder, insert the add-on card to the motherboard slots, and close the aluminum arm to hold the add-on card in position. The additional rubber padding on the aluminum arm assists in gripping the card bracket and securing it firmly.

  • To release the solid side panel, simple just un-do the thrumb screw, and pull the latch. There is a hook for security lock.

  • There are openings on the panel between different layers, Lian Li has fitted a protection kit to avoid sharp edge damage user's hand or cut the wires.

  • Simple release the two thumb screws at the rear of the case, and the motherboard tray can be remove from case, user can install their motherboard on the tray outside the case. No more working in small space.

    There is an air filter at the base of the case to stop dust from entering the case. The filter is washable. The vents are specially designed to retard heat and fire crossover should a short circuit cause sparks and excessive heat within your system. This feature is designed to prevent the problem from spreading outside your case should the unlikely event occur with your components.

    Where air enter the chassis, there is a need for an air filter to hold the dust. In the front, fans with washable air filters, it can easy remove, no tool required, and it is recyclable.

    To install motherboard require no tools, use tool-less screw to screw a motherboard on case, easily and quickly.


Lian Li TYR PCX1000 (PC-X1000-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK, Supports CrossfireX™ and 3-way SLI™.

Model PC-X1000 
Case Type Super Full Tower Chassis 
Dimensions  230mm x 680mm x 430mm ( W, H, D) 
Front bezel Material Aluminum 
Color Black 
Side Panel Aluminum 
Body Material Aluminum 
Net Weight  9.89kg 
5.25 drive bay (External) 3( one for 3.5 inch convertor) 
3.5 drive bay (External)  
3.5 drive bay (Internal)
Expansion Slot
Motherboard ATX / M-ATX 
System Fan (Front) 140mm Ball-Bearing Fan x 3 (1200RPM) 
System Fan (Top)  
System Fan (Rear) 140mm Ball-Bearing Fan x 2 (1200RPM) 
I/O Ports USB2.0 x 4 / IEEE1394 x 1 / E-SATA x 1 / HD+AC97 Audio 

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