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Lian Li (PC-B70-B, PC-B70B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK

Manufacture:Lian Li
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Sale Price: $279.99
Shipping:usually same day shipping
Warranty:1 Year

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Lian Li (PC-B70-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK

2009 Lian Li launched the new PC-B70, with all aluminum alloy chassis, round edge design with stylish look. PC-B70 has hair-line brush anodized aluminum finishing with diamond cut detail.  The PC-B70 is the case which functionality and style converge, features the upright removable E-ATX motherboard tray, anti-vibration HDD racks, two14cm blue LED silent intake fans with filter in the front, other two12cm silent intake fans in the back, top mounted multi-media I/O ports, and the graphics card holder, and lots more.


Lian Li (PC-B70-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK


  • Huge internal space fits E-ATX motherboard, and graphics card, which can up to 345mm long, and there are room for 10 hard drivers, there are space for dual power supply units. There are 2 x 12cm and 2 x 14cm cooling fans to cool the system down, and a lot of internal space for liquid cooling system. It is an ideal for gamer and pro user!

  • All new PCI lock design, switch the lock on , install the extra card then switch it off. More easily and puickly.

  • The new switch design for CD-ROM cage, user can easily remove CD-ROM without a screws. and Lian-li designer use plastics to absorb the vibration to reduce the noise, make sure steadiness of it.

  • PC-B70 has equipped two 140mm cooling fans in the fornt of the chassis, there are two fans intake the cool air into the case,  The Fan not only cool the HDD down, it also help the motherboard's North & South bridge chipset, and the graphics card.

Silent Performace:

  • There are two silent 14cm ball-bearing intake blue LED fan (1200RPM) which brings cold air into the chassis

  • PC-B70 features Lian Li patented Anti-virbation HDD cage, which allow user to fit seven of 3.5 HDD. It is easy to use, no tool required, simply using the special thrumb screw to secure the anti-vibration rubber ring to the HDD, and slide the HDD into the cage..

  • The CD-ROM cage with rubber pad to absorb the vibration to reduce the noise.

  • The Front panel mounted with special made plastic kit, and avoid the metal parts to touch each other, and reduce the vibration noise.

  • Lian Li designers consider every detail. The PC-B70 is equipped with anti-vibration clips and grommets on the chassis, to absorb the noises created by vibrating and spinning parts. The EMI spring on the top cover absorbs the vibrations, without interfering with the side panel.

  • Chassis has anti-vibration grommets to support the motherboard tray. The anti-vibration spring clips on the chassis push against the side panel to reduce the chance of vibration, while enhancing the perfect fit between the removable parts.

  • There are sound insulation material on the internal side of the 2mm thick side panel to reduce the noise level.

  • Huge internal space for power supply units, there are anti-vibration rubber strips to reduce the noise.

  • The aluminum case stand with rubber pad to absorb the vibration to reduce the noise.

Creative Thermal Solutions:

  • PC-B70 is using Thermal Tunnel solution, the two 140mm fans in the front input cold air into the system, the two 120mm fans and the PSU's fan draw the hot air out as a heat circulation.

  • PC-B70 Features a three-speed fan controller, user can adjust the fan speeds to get the best balance between silent and increased cooling. Factory setting are default at Mid Speed, but user can adjust the fan speed as needed.

  • There are two 140mm intake blue LED fan on PC-B70, The fan can output high air flow volume with lower RPM to push the cold air through the HDD rack. It connected to a three-speed controller, factory setting at middle(890RPM), user can adjust it to suit.

  • There is a 120mm exhaust fan behind HDD cage to draw the hot air out, and improve the air flow inside the chassis.

  • There is a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear to draw the hot air out, and improve the air flow inside the chassis.

  • The PCI bracket with vent holes adds extra ventilation possibilities for improved airflow for optional graphics card coolers.

User Frinedly:

  • Multi-media port connectors follow international specification standards, with one connector for easy installation.  Audio supports HD Audio or AC97 Audio. The dual design is for better compatibility options.  All I/O ports on the top cover, allow for easy access, there is also a dust-free cover to protect these connectors.

  • The case front intake fans has equipped air filter,to stop dust entering the chassis. These air filter were washable, envirnoment friendly

  • PC-B70's front panel can be easily removed, with all the switches and wires mounted in the chassis, and therefore out of the way.

  • PC-B70 has equipped a server grade graphics card holder to hold the graphics card in position, avoid from bending and damage.

  • There is a patented cable management clamp for cables to pass through, allow uesr convenient manage the cables.

  • To release the solid side panel, simple just un-do the thrumb screw, and pull the latch. There is a hook for security lock.


Lian Li (PC-B70-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK

Model PC-B70 
Case Type Full Tower Chassis 
Dimensions  220mm x 595mm x 590mm (W,H,D) 
Front bezel Material Aluminum 
Color Black 
Side Panel Aluminum 
Body Material Aluminum 
Net Weight   
5.25 drive bay (External) 5 ( one for 3.5 inch convertor) 
3.5 drive bay (External)
3.5 drive bay (Internal) 10 
Expansion Slot
Motherboard E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX 
System Fan (Front) 2 x 140mm blue LED fan (1200RPM) 
System Fan (Top)  
System Fan (Rear) 2 x 120mm Ball-Bearing Fan (1500RPM) 
I/O Ports USB2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 x 1, ESATA x 1, HD+AC97 Audio 
dditional Information

Lian Li (PC-B70-B) All Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- BLACK

PC-B70-B User Manual

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