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IPCQueen Brilliant eMobile(OK2168-B) Black Aluminum eSATA HDD Enclosure with 32bit eSTAT CardBus PC Card- 2.5 inches

Manufacture:IPC Queen
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Sale Price: $34.99
Shipping:usually same day shipping
Warranty:1 Year

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IPCQueen Brilliant eMobile(OK2168) Aluminum eSATA HDD Enclosure with 32bit eSTAT CardBus PC Card- 2.5 inches

The Brilliant eSATA kit Dual eSATA Ports PCMCIA Card includes 2.5 inches SATA Hard Disk Aluminum External Enclosure is the eastest way to add 1.5 Giga bits ( 150 Mega bytes) Serial ATA ( SATA ) capability of the HDD data transfer rate to notebook computer and never worry about which brands or models of the 2.5 inches SATA HDD enclosure you should adapt to this eSATA PCMCIA card, the go with the high quality anodized aluminum enclosure is provided a durable and quick heating dissipation environment that protects the HDD mechanism and allowing the HDD to run cool.

The SATA PCMCIA Card provides a 32bit CardBus interface on the host side and allows notebook computer connect up to two high-performance serial ATA ( SATA) interface devices such as HDD, Floppy disk drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM at 1500Mbps high speed transfer rate.  Fot it meet the SATA II , phase I specification, the Brilliant eMobile not only built-in two shielding & durable eSATA ( external Serial ATA ) connectors, it also supports SATA hot plug/unplug hardware, Plug and Play and larger than 500 Giga bytes SATA HDD and more functions.

From the special design for the PCMCIA adapter of the lightweight 2.5 inches SATA HDD anodized aluminum external enclosure, you just need to install the SATA HDD into the enclosure in the first time and setup the notebook computer and PCMCIA adapter be ready, connect the eSATA and DC power cable then enjoy the fastest HDD access on this notebook computer.


IPCQueen Brilliant eMobile(OK2168) Aluminum eSATA HDD Enclosure with 32bit eSTAT CardBus PC Card- 2.5 inches
  • Provides two eSATA ports for multiple Serial ATA ( SATA ) device connections
  • Support high speed transfer rate 1500Mbps ( 150 Mega bytes/sec ) in each port
  • Supports HDD larger than 500 Giga bytes
  • Use high-speed, large capacity external Serial ATA ( SATA ) HDD with notebook computer
  • Breaks the 137GB barrier!  Supports various brands of large capacity external SATA HDD
  • Special enhanced external SATA shell connectors for mobile HDD, mobile CD-ROM, mobile DVD, mobile CD-RW
  • Fully compliant with SATA 1.5G specifications
  • PC CARD 32 bit CardBus fully compliant
  • Lightweight and pock-size design for 2.5 inches SATA HDD
  • Power LED indicate


IPCQueen Brilliant eMobile(OK2168) Aluminum eSATA HDD Enclosure with 32bit eSTAT CardBus PC Card- 2.5 inches
  • Data Rates : Up to 1.5 Gb/s (150 Mega bytes/sec )
  • Fully compliant with Serial ATA revision 1.0a, Serial ATA II Revision 1.0 and CardBus
  • Support SATA TCQ commands
  • 256-byte data FIFO for each channel
  • On board bus master engine relieve the system processor from book keeping and enhance performance
  • Queued/overlapping ATA command support
  • Port Type: two external SATA ( eSATA) ports
  • Slot Type: 32-bit PCMCIA CardBus slot
  • eSATA CardBus PCMCIA Card :
  • Dimension : 54 x 106 x 5 mm , plastic(H) : 10 mm

Important Technical Information:

Some of the 5400 and 7200 RPM 2.5 inches SATA HDD, the current consume up to 1 Amp. , and the external AC Adapter ( optional) may be needed, due to some of the notebook computer for power saving reason.  not all of the USB port can driven 500mA current, so if you have the Brilliant eMobile and you are not able to hear the HDD spin start up as well or the HDD is not mounting on computer desktop , you will need the AC adapter.  All HDD have a power rating printed right on the sticker, if you see a power rating greater than 500 mA or 0.5 A than most likely you will need an external AC Adapter ( DC 5V/2A, 3mm DC plug).

dditional Information

IPCQueen Brilliant eMobile(OK2168) Aluminum eSATA HDD Enclosure with 32bit eSTAT CardBus PC Card- 2.5 inches

System Requirement:

  • Pentium or equivalent notebook computer or Tablet PC with one 32-bit PCMCIA CardBus slot.
  • Windows NT4.0/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP

Package Includes:

  1. Brilliant eMobile dual eSATA port PCMCIA CardBus Card
  2. Aluminum 2.5 inches SATA HDD External Enclosure
  3. eSATA cable
  4. Carry Bag

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