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Best Media (BM-2000-Chinese, BM2000-Chinese) 2000GB High Definition Karaoke/DVD Player 32,000+ Songs- 2010 The Newest and the BEST !! BLACK

Manufacture:Best Media
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Sale Price: $949.00
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Warranty:1 Year

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Best Media (BM-2000) 2000GB High Definition Karaoke/DVD Player 32,000+ Songs- 2010 The Newest and the BEST !! BLACK

Best Media 合家歡HD高畫質卡拉OK伴唱機 震撼上市! 讓您聽歌 學歌 飆歌都開心

BM-2000 is the latest and most advanced hard drive karaoke player you can find in this market. With a removable hard drive of 2.0 TB. There are many new features that differentiate BM-2000 from the rest of the players in the market. Its capability of recording any DVD and VCD discs onto the hard drive makes it so much easier for users to add their favorite music into the collection. BM-2000 comes with a USB device that allows you to playback any supported MP3, MPEG, DivX, VOB & JPEG files anytime. The unit also has a HDMI output which provides Full 1080P High Definition videos for its consumers. Its easy to use on-screen navigation, excellent audio and video quality, and optional touch screen remote control make BM-2000 the most desirable entertaining system for home and commercial users!


Best Media (BM-2000) 2000GB High Definition Karaoke/DVD Player 32,000+ Songs- 2010 The Newest and the BEST !! BLACK
  1. 最龐大的歌庫和 2010 年 Updated 最新的流行歌曲
  2. 全機三萬多首高品質歌曲,80% 原人原音原影
  3. 原聲,伴唱或伴奏三種點唱方式, 讓您聽歌, 學歌, 飆歌都開心
  4. 14693首中文, 5887首台語, 3758首粵語, 257 兒歌, 3072首日文, 2663首英文, 630 首客家, 另附加 80首特別歌曲, 最龐大的歌庫和2010最Hot的流行歌曲
  5. 支援歌星選歌, 國台選歌, 字部分類, 金曲排行榜, 查詢歌曲快速方便, 一用上手
  6. 貼心的心情點播功能, 讓您唱累了也能欣賞喜愛歌手的影音歌曲
  7. 簡單好操作的影音自錄功能, 方便加入您喜愛的歌曲, 編輯專屬於您的點唱歌曲
  8. 支援 MP3, DIVX, DVD, VCD, CD+G 等多種格式, 功能強大, 獨一無二
  9. 全區碼的DVD多媒體播放外加Dolby Digital Surround, 多功能家庭電影院,是您最好的選擇
  10. 日本YAMAHA 頂級音效晶片,音色豐富,音樂動人
  11. 語別,字部,歌星/,歌曲拼音點歌,快搜找歌迅速方便
  12. 三萬二千首歌曲 新歌定期增加
  13. 內建單顆 2,000GB (2TB) 超大容量硬碟, 歌曲無限擴充
  14. Full HD1080p 高畫質背景畫面及DVD畫質歌曲,HDMI 高清輸出
  15. 可自錄收藏DVD/ VCD 歌曲, 支援 USB 補歌及多媒體欣賞

    7吋無線觸屏遙控點歌本 (選購配備, 可額外購買)

Other Main Features:

  1. 2.0 TB Removable HDD, The largest HDD among karaoke field
  2. Ability to record DVD/VCD/CD discs onto its hard drive
  3. HDMI Output Full 1080p or 1080i/720p/480p HD Video Quality
  4. USB device playback MP3/MPEG/DivX/VOB/JPEG Files
  5. Easy to use on-screen navigation
  6. Dual Mode: Play from hard drive (Karaoke mode) or DVD Loader (All region DVD mode)
  7. Reserve up to 99 songs in que at once
  8. Removable hard drive for future expansion
  9. 7 Inch touch screen Song Book (Optional Item, Cost Additional)

Best Media (BM-2000) 2000GB High Definition Karaoke/DVD Player 32,000+ Songs- 2010 The Newest and the BEST !! BLACK
  1. 100%人聲教唱 業界最強 (每首歌都有三種模式,可切換人聲,伴唱.伴奏)
    所有歌曲都有歌手配唱,擁有三種模式,人聲就是原聲的MTV。伴唱則是讓喜歡飆歌的朋友,遇到想學但不會唱的歌曲,只要按下伴唱鍵就有歌手伴唱,伴唱的音量剛好合乎您所需。 伴奏則是沒有歌手的聲音

  2. 最新的影音分離技術,業界NO.1
    唱歌最怕歌詞上的跑色不準確、無法對應歌詞歡唱。BM-2000 合家歡伴唱機採用最新的影音分離技術,嚴格控制歌曲、影像品質,使得男女分色導唱更加精準。

  3. 可自錄VCD/DVD 影音光碟貼心服務

  4. 超大容量硬碟 2000GB, 無限延伸的歌曲容量
    伴唱機內的歌曲包含:國語、台語、語、英語、日語、客家等,30,000+ 首歌。80-90% 是原人原音的MV,在家唱歌就如同在KTV一般。

  5. 心情點唱機,超貼心設計

  6. 超簡易螢幕點歌

  7. 個性化功能設計
    提供我的最愛 書籤功能,只要將自己喜愛的歌曲儲存到個人專屬資料庫中,之後不必搜尋,就可快速點選並唱到自己喜愛的歌曲。

  8. 人性化點歌功能

  9. 智慧型K歌專用遙控器

Other Specifications:

  1. Compatible Discs Format: CD+G, DVD, VCD, S-VCD, CD Audio, MP3, DIVX, MPEG I, MPEG II, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW
  2. pre-formated IDE 2000 GB hard drive
  3. HDMI/ Component/ Composite/ S-Video
  4. SPDIF Digital
  5. 2 1/4' mic inputs
  7. Signal-to-noise: more than 85db
  8. Power supply: AC 100V~220V (50/60Hz)
  9. Dimension: 19(L) x17(D) x8(H)

**** Touch Screen is an OPTIONAL item. It does NOT include in BM-2000 package. It can be purchased seperately. Please see detail on Optional Accessories section down below.

7吋無線觸屏遙控點歌本 (選購配備, 可額外購買)

dditional Information

Best Media (BM-2000) 2000GB High Definition Karaoke/DVD Player 32,000+ Songs- 2010 The Newest and the BEST !! BLACK

Partial Song Lists:

Song list subject to change without prior notice

BM-2000 Chinese 14,693 Songs

BM-2000 English 2,663 Songs

BM-2000 Taiwanese 5,887 Songs

BM-2000 Cantonese 3,758 Songs

BM-2000 Japanese 3,758 Songs

BM-2000 Children 258 Songs

New Song Lists:

BM-2000 2010~Q1 & Q2 (OPTIONAL)

User Manual:

BM-2000 Manual In Chinese

BM-2000 Manual In English

ptional Accessories

Best Media (BM-2000) 2000GB High Definition Karaoke/DVD Player 32,000+ Songs- 2010 The Newest and the BEST !! BLACK

Best Media (BM-100VB) VHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

Best Media (BM-482U) UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone (48 Selectible Frequencies)

7 inches Touch Screen for Best Media BM-2000

7吋無線觸屏遙控點歌本 (選購配備, 可額外購買)

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